Want to make the most of the warm weather in the comfort of your own backyard? Everyone loves entertaining in the comfort of their own home, until the bad weather rolls in. Luckily, Roof Seal® outdoor blinds have many benefits:

Weather resistant
Outdoor blinds help turn your outdoor area indoors. They provide protection from the weather all year round. You can control the sun light and protect you, your furniture and your guests from insects and UV rays.
Modern & on-trend
When it comes to colour and pattern, we have a vast array for you to choose from. You’ll be able to match any outdoor decor with our outdoor blinds and keep the colour theme that suits your home. The appearance of your outdoor space will instantly be enhanced, as your space will appear more modern. You’ll love entertaining outdoors with family and friends, no matter the season.



Operations to suit everyone
There are many operational features to choose from to suit every need and budget. We have conventional manual controls that feature a simple crank gear or spring solution which are budget and user friendly. If you’re techno-savy, there are automatic blind control options with the Pulse 2 hub. The Pulse 2 hub allows you to connect your smart phone or home automation system (Google Home or Alexia). This feature is fantastic, as it allows you to control each blind with the click of a button. You can visually see and adjust your blinds in real-time. Have a Google Home or Alexia? The Pulse 2 hub is compatible so you can command your blinds with your own voice.
Practical design
Manufactured with high-grade aluminium parts, our outdoor blinds are made to last. Designed and tested in Australia. Having z-lock technology provides a unique fabric guide that not only conceals the side channels, but the function ensures secure, streamline fastening. This technology means your blinds remain taut so that the fabric finish is smooth.
Wanting to entertain outdoors, but don’t have the backyard privacy? Outdoor blinds are the perfect solution for you! Especially if you have a balcony. You can relax and enjoy your outdoor area without any interruptions. Have concerns about restricting your beautiful backyard views? No worries, you can choose your blind opacity. Roof Seal® outdoor blinds range from 88% – 100% blockout so your outdoor views are uninterrupted.