Choose a Roof Seal reflect coating to keep the heat out

Keeping cool under the Australian sun is no easy task and if you have a steel roof on your premises, be it factory, warehouse, office or home, no doubt you’ll know how much it costs to keep cool.

REFLECT is our heat reflective coating that will not only protect your roof from the elements, but will also cool your home at the same time, thus saving you money on your cooling costs and possibly having to replace an existing roof. This premium coating reflects the solar radiation, so the heat stays out and the interior surface remains cooler than that of a roof without REFLECT.

REFLECT is an extremely durable, flexible acrylic coating sprayed directly onto a roof. It is equally durable on iron sheets or concrete surfaces.

Whether it is for existing iron or tiles, REFLECT protects and prolongs the life of your roof by providing a protective durable surface. This will keep you from needing to re-roofing your house. Treating an unprotected roof with reflect not only makes your home cooler but extends the life of your roof and is great for the environment as it helps reduce the use of air conditioning. Reflect contains PVC and Titanium Dioxide making the coating fade resistant. 


The result of tests performed by AMDEL through their International Quality Management System showed REFLECT as a remarkable coating system which is so effective, it can cool your roof by as much as 12°c. This revolutionary coating may well change the way we think about insulation.

Under the blazing sun in very hot climates REFLECT comes into its own, outperforming many other forms of insulation. The internal temperatures under a roof coated with REFLECT remain cooler.

Another plus is that REFLECT allows any heat buildup inside the building to escape and not be trapped as can occur with bulk forms of insulation.
REFLECT works with other forms of insulation helping them to perform better and of course if you are running air conditioning, its cost will be significantly reduced with the added benefit of less wear and tear on your air conditioning plant.

Why choose reflect? It’s tough, it reflects, looks smart, adds value, and saves your money on energy costs.