The Seal Group offer a number of business opportunities ranging from a Master area franchise through trades franchises to local area agents.



A Master Area Franchise is designed for the person who has the drive and commitment to run his own business boots and all, yet would like the security of a proven trading name and business system to back them up.

The Seal Group have Master Franchises available in their entire branded product range. These being:

Roof SealĀ®

Drive Seal

Home Seal

We can implement proven systems for the franchisee for effective lead generation, sales presentations, trades and administration systems, along with effective debtor control and cash management.

Please contact us now if this is of interest to you in your area, state, country.



A trades franchise is available to those people who enjoy working on the tools while being their own boss. The seal group trades franchise is an ideal opportunity to learn a new trade while being paid, under the umbrella of a major company in the home improvement market.

All plant and equipment is supplied in the trades franchise, work is provided by the company and full training is given. This means you don’t have to hunt for work yourself if you don’t want to. The trades franchise will give you a chance to be with your family because you don’t need to work at night job costing or debt collecting.

Please contact us for more information.


For the person who wants to supplement their income. An Area agent will work in conjunction with our major regional offices to act as a local representative. They will be the central focus of our advertising within that area, and generate contacts for our sales force.

Each agent is treated individually depending on the amount of involvement, they wish to contribute.



The Seal Group offers a consultancy service to help in the assessment of viability in your area.

Through experience we have found that different market places offer different challenges. Time and money can be wasted trying to make something out of nothing. So a cost effective market appraisal is well worth the investment.

Our business consultants can also give advice on how our franchise arrangements can be tailored to fit in with your existing business.



Opportunities exist. please contact 1300 36 70 70 in your respective states for more details.