Have you noticed your roof has faded or your roof is covered in lichen and moss? It might be time to have your roof inspected by a professional roof company. But how do you actually find a good one?

Many people don’t do their research before going ahead with a company and regret their decision. Just like other products, you pay for what you get with a roof restoration.
This is why it is so important to do your research before you buy. But what do you look for when it comes to roofing services?
It’s best to go on their website for information and check social media. If they’re a good company, they’ll take pride in their workmanship and will present this on their website and on social media.
How much experience do they have?
If the company doesn’t mention how long they have been in the industry for, they might be fresh in the industry. This means they might not have the amount of knowledge, experience and expertise to ensure your roof is restored well.
If a company is experienced, they will have a wealth of knowledge and expertise. They’ve been in the industry for so long, they know what they’re doing. You can trust them with your roof.
Check their quote process
Do they provide a thorough onsite roof inspection before providing you with a quote? Each roof is different and may require more or less roof work to complete a full roof restoration. A good roofing company will provide you with a 33 point roof inspection to thoroughly accesses the condition of the roof. For example, If you have a tiled roof, your ridge caps may need repairing. If you have an iron roof, fastening and flashings might need fixing.  How would a company provide you with an accurate quote without inspecting the roof first? An onsite inspection also allows you to ask any questions you may have at the appointment.
What products do they use?
Do they mention what product they use? A good roofing company won’t hesitate in mentioning the product they use to restore roofs. If it’s a good product, they will usually boast the benefits. We understand that you might not know or understand what a good roof coating would encompass. Look at key words, such as coating (not paint), thickness, flexibility, uv stabilisers and colour fastness.



Make sure they’re licensed
Check if they are a HIA Member or do they have Master Builders Association Membership? Do they have a license? Licenses can vary depending on the state. So it is best to check what license is required for your specific state.
Do they have bonded contractors?
A good company will provide bonded tradesman to complete the work. So what does ‘bonded’ actually mean? It means security. If you notice something wasn’t completed that was agreed in your contract, the bond guarantees that no money will be lost in sending out another contractor to complete the work. Bonded contractors will give you peace of mind.



Check the warranty
A quality roof restoration will guarantee the roof is sound after completion. However, to assure people, a good company will provide a decent warranty. We all understand things occur outside of our control such as storms, which can impact the roof. This is why a warranty should be provided and awarded if needed. A good company will provide a 7 year warranty guarantee.
Roof Seal® has been satisfying over 100,000 families in Australia since 1984. We manufacture our own premium roof coating membrane, Ellemex to ensure the roof is sealed and protected. We use licensed, bonded tradesman so you know your roof is in qualified and professional hands.  We’re members of the HIA and Australian Builders Association so you know you’re dealing with the best. We provide a 7 year guarantee with roof restorations so our customers have peace of mind. If you’re looking for a free roof inspection and quote from a professional, qualified company with years of experience, call your local Roof Seal® team on 1300 36 70 70.



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