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Are you looking for Outdoor Blinds?

If you are looking at blinds for the exterior of your home or business, then you can’t go past Roof Seal, a company with 30 years of experience in property improvement services and tens of thousands of satisfied customers across the country.

More than just roof repairs, Roof Seal is a one-stop shop for improving the exterior of your home or workplace, including the installation of blinds for any outdoor area or windows.

Whether it’s for the home or a business, the Zipscreen Blind System will enable enjoyment of your outdoor area all year round, turning that pergola, veranda or balcony into a sanctuary, and providing protection from the sun, cold, wind, rain and insects.

The blinds also make for a stylish alternative to traditional awnings or roller shutters for windows, while offering the security and privacy that you need.

Zipscreens are such a versatile product that they make the perfect solution for both domestic and commercial applications, capable of transforming an outdoor entertaining area in the home, a space at the office or the alfresco dining area of a café.

Custom designed for the needs of your particular environment, Zipscreens are a low maintenance, high quality product and can be perfectly matched to any building design or décor. The blinds come free from annoying straps, ropes and pullies, and are designed to reduce those frustrating jams, making them easy to operate. The zips are welded into the fabric of the blinds, ensuring a sleek design that is pleasing to the eye.

Backed by a five-year warranty, these screens are a product of strength, so you can buy with peace of mind.

The Zipscreen system offers protection from weather, regulating the climate extremes of summer and winter, giving all year enjoyment to your area. The blinds protect from UV rays, while keeping out wind and rain. When fully engaged, they fortify your space against annoying little invaders, making the environment 99% insect free.

Just think about how installing outdoor blinds with Roof Seal could improve the utility of your home or workplace, opening up the use of previously dead spaces.

Designed and installed with aesthetics in mind, Zipscreens will also enhance the value of the property.

So call Roof Seal today to arrange a free, no obligation quote for your space, and find out just how Zipscreen outdoor blinds can improve your home or business.


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