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Roofing Services in Melbourne

Our team provide quality roof restoration services throughout metropolitan Melbourne and rural areas. If you’re looking for quality roofing services, look no further. Roof Seal Melbourne provides top quality roof restorations. You can trust us with your roof. We use fully qualified, licensed and bonded tradespeople. This means no Sub-Contractors.

What product do we use?

This is our difference. We manufacture our own premium roof coating membrane, Ellemex. A premium roof coating formulated with acrylic emulsion and UV stabilisers to resist colour fade and protect your roof from the harsh Australian weather. It is much thicker than roof paint to ensure your roof is sealed and protected for many years to come. Ellemex is flexible so it expands and contracts with the weather to prevent deterioration in extreme conditions.


Benefits of restoring your roof with Roof Seal

  • Protection – Roof Seal take extra care when restoring roofs in Melbourne. We high pressure clean to remove all dirt and fungus, then we apply a special steralising coat to inhibit further re-growth of fungus, and repeat the process if needed.
  •  Strengthen – We remove and replace any broken tiles to ensure the tiles are up to standard. We strengthen the ridge caps and completely repoint the entire roof using flexible pointing mortar. Roof Seal apply an exclusive premium roof coating, Ellemex. Ellemex is an acrylic emulsion with in-built UV stabilisers to resist colour fade and protect your roof for many years to come.
  • Prevent – A roof that is not maintained won’t last under the harsh Australian weather conditions. If the roof is damaged, you will likely start to get leaks. A roof restoration from Roof Seal prevents future damage and will protect your roof from leaks.
  • Aesthetic enhancement – A roof restoration from Roof Seal will rejuvenate your home’s external appearance. It will transform your roof from dull and tired to bright and new. With a fantastic range of colours, from contemporary to modern, you have a great range to choose from to suit your home. Add a bright pop of colour to contrast or keep it subtle.
  • Environmentally friendly – Ellemex, the premium roof coating we use is a non-toxic, flexible surface coating that is environmentally friendly. Restoring your roof will also ensure air doesn’t escape as your roof is sealed. This means you will save on energy bills, both heating and cooling all year round.



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