Save money on re-roofing or roof restoration with our marketing rebate


40-45% of our jobs are attributed to referrals and signage!

Our Marketing Budget is spent on varied forms of advertising such as Television, Yellow Pages, Shopping Centre Displays, Radio, Direct Mail, Canvassing, Telemarketing, and of course, this web site.

As a consequence, a large proportion of our budget is put aside as an incentive for people to be a part of our Display Home campaigns, which allows us to showcase our work.

  • Displaying our company sign on completion of work for a minimum of an eight week period
  • Clients to take before, during and after photos if required for advertising purposes
  • Selected homes are placed on a Display Home list to show others who live local
  • A letter of referral on your experience with Roof Seal on completion of work
display homedisplay home
display homedisplay home

If you are agreeable to these conditions then the conditional marketing rebates apply. A limited offer applies due to our budget at the time and the funds available – due to some owners being given greater marketing and advertising rebates for prime locations and other forms of advertising with marketing allowances in which are viewed daily.

Call 1300 36 70 70  now for more information on how you can save money by being a Seal Group Display Home.