Whether it’s after the heat of the summer, the rain in winter or just the aging of your home, your roof sometimes needs some TLC.

Roof painting can certainly help improve the look of your home, but it will also add value to the property.

Roof restoration can give your house a facelift, but will also ensure you and your family are safe and protected whatever the weather.

And of course roof repair is essential if your home has suffered damage or is showing its age.

Roof Seal® can do all of that and more, but it’s important to grab a no obligation appraisal before you get any work done so you can decide for yourself if your roof needs a facelift, lick of paint of a full replacement.

When your home was designed, it was engineered to carry a certain load, so sometimes; a corrugated iron roof can’t be replaced with a tile roof without major structural upheaval.

The news isn’t all bad, though, because you can replace a tiled roof with an iron roof.

Tiled roofs that are over seventy years old will need re-roofing and even a younger roof might need replacing if it is damaged, situated close to the ocean or there is decay on the under side of older terracotta tiles.

Some cement tiles might look quite ok from the exterior, but over the course of time, may have weathered away.

Cement and Terracotta roofing is easily upgraded and restored, though and with the vast technological improvements in manufacture of tiles, changing a tiled roof comes with the comfort and peace of mind that it probably will not need to be done again, especially if you use the experts.

Roof Seal® are a well-known name in Australia and have been servicing homes across Australia for 30 years.

You can trust that a Roof Seal® roof will be assessed and fitted by a trained, experienced professional and that you will get the best advice.

Whether you are looking for a fresh new look for your home, or your roof has been damaged by storm or age, contact the folks in the know.