Roof restorations for all roofs

Roof coatings are an integral part of the maintenance of any roof. With roof restoration maintenance costs generally being less expensive than damage and repair costs, it makes sense to invest in a proper maintenance strategy. These coatings can help protect the roof from harsh climate and pollution which helps to increase the lifespan of a roof. At Roof Seal®, we use premium and exclusive Ellemex® roof coating and Reflect roof coating for tiled and iron roof restorations.

Before Ellemex applicationEllemex

Ellemex® is an acrylic emulsion. This means it is a roof coating that is much thicker than normal paint to seal and protect your roof. Ellemex® is highly flexible as it expands and contracts with the weather. It has in-built UV stabilisers designed to resist colour fade.

Before Reflect roof resurfacing applicationreflect by Roof Seal

Reflect is an extremely durable, flexible acrylic roof coating that reflects solar radiation. The premium roof coating reflects UV sun rays to keep the heat out of your home.

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