Leaf Stopper® to match your roof

Why choose Leaf Stopper®?

Leaf Stopper® is the fantastic gutter protection solution you need! Made with durable aluminium mesh material that covers your gutters and roof valleys to protect your water channels from build-up of leaves and debris. It’s secure, custom-made fit allows the accessory to sit neatly over your gutter or valley. This fitment allows Leaf Stopper® to blend seamlessly with your tiled or iron roof and provide all-year-round protection. 

Leaves in gutter before leafstopper installationLeaf Stopper by Roof Seal

Leaf Stopper® is made to measure

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How it works

Leaks are commonly caused by gutter blockages and leaves and debris are often the culprit. Which is why Leaf Stopper® is the long-term gutter solution you need! 

Leaf Stopper® is designed to prevent leaves and debris from entering your gutter or roof valleys. It’s the guard that provides protection from unwanted build-up that causes blockages and damage. Made from strong aluminium materials that has long lasting properties and is designed so water can channel safely away from your home without causing blockages. 

The mesh is simple and works well in a range of colour options. Our experts will help you find the right colour to match your roof. Whether you have a tiled or iron roof, Leaf Stopper® is the gutter guard solution for you!

Leaf Stopper
comparison of ineffective leaf mesh versus leafstop

Benefits of installing Leaf Stopper®

You’ll only need to invest in them once. With Leaf Stopper® installed, you won’t need to worry about unsafely cleaning or unblocking your gutters and roof valleys yourself. Nor will you need to hire a professional for the job. Leaf Stopper® is the accessory that will help you save money and time.  

Being designed and made in Australia, the quality mesh is fire retardant – perfect for properties positioned in bushfire risk areas. You’ll also be supporting a local Australian business when you purchase and have Leaf Stopper® installed.  

Prior to having Roof Seal install Leaf Stopper®, our team will ensure your gutters are cleaned and clear of any blockages. Once we have installed Leaf Stopper®, we ensure the site is cleaned and clear of our working materials. It’s as simple as that, having Leaf Stopper® installed is easy, convenient and it will save you time and money. 

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Leaf Stopper® is made to measure

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