With house prices rising, why not add even more value to your home?

Now is the time to add those home improvements!

With the current property market conditions, property prices are forecast to keep rising in the coming years. So your property price is increasing, what a great reason to add further value to your home and increase your future resale value even more. You can do this by adding home improvements that are worth investing in. This means revamping your home with stylish, practical and functional improvements that everyone will like. Here are a few improvements worth investing in:

Restoring your roof

Many people often neglect their roof until it’s too late, the damage is done. No one likes a tired, old looking roof covered in lichen and moss!  Having your roof restored by Roof Seal® will ensure your roof is protected and will add many years to the lifespan of your roof. We use the highest quality products and bonded tradesman to ensure you get the best result. Whether you have a tiled, iron or terracotta roof, Roof Seal® can help you with your roof. Not only will your roof be protected from the harsh Australian environment, but your home will look fantastic for many years to come. Restoring your roof will transform and rejuvenate your home’s appearance. Your home won’t look tired and run-down. You’ll love coming back and pulling into your driveway to see your beautiful home. It also adds street appeal and your neighbours will love you for it! Because it modernises and enhances your home’s external appearance, you’ll be adding re-sale value. When you go to sell your property in the future, your home’s external appearance is the first thing people see. It’s the first impressions that count!

Roller shutters

Installing roller shutters are a home improvement worth investing in! Roller shutters have numerous benefits. Made out of strong aluminium material, they secure your home and prevent intruders from breaking in. So they are perfect for every home, especially for those situated on or near main roads. Roller shutters help you get a good nights sleep. They’re especially good for shift workers and light sleepers. This is because once closed, they completely block out the light and reduce outside noise, allowing you to get a good nights sleep. Not to mention, they are great for insulation. Roller shutters will benefit you all year round. Seal the warmth in during the cooler months and keep the heat out in the warmer months. They insulate your home all year round so your entire family will love them! Another great feature is the automation option. With the Auto Hub, you can command your roller shutters from wherever you are. This is a fantastic feature, especially if you’re away and you forgot to secure your home. Roller shutters are a great home improvement that benefits everyone.

Zipscreen blinds

Outdoor blinds are both practical and stylish. They are very on trend. With a sleek, modern design, you can’t go wrong! Your outdoor area will instantly be enhanced with Zipscreen blinds from Roof Seal®. Zipscreen blinds are made to fit your space. They are a great way to add contrast to your outdoors. Along with the aesthetic benefits, there are lots of practical benefits too. Everyone loves Zipscreen blinds because they help make entertaining outdoors comfortable, easy and stress free, all year round. You’ll have all the weather protection you need to enjoy your outdoors. Protection from the sun, wind, rain and also insects. There are also many operations to choose from to suit everyone. From manual to automatic. Voice control or smart phone. There is an operation to suit everyone. With so many benefits, how could they not add value!?


Ready to add value?
Roof Seal® love helping people with their home improvements. Having been in the industry for over 36 years, we have the knowledge and experience to help you. We offer a range of products and services so you can revamp your home and add value.


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