With temperatures soaring in summer, complete with strong winds and rain, Australia has some of the most extreme weather. This is why protection from the elements is crucial.

You’ve worked hard to provide a roof over your head, so making sure it’s in good condition is imperative.

Roof restoration is important because your roof takes up as much as 50% of your home’s exterior and is totally exposed to the elements.

Our nation’s changing weather puts your roof through its paces throughout the year, which takes its toll on your home.

In order for your roof to keep the weather out, your house needs maintenance, care and repair.

Getting a roof restoration from Roof Seal® will keep your lid on it. Roof Seal® will give you the peace of mind that you and your family are safe and secure.

Whether it’s cement, tiles or iron, Roof Seal® can restore your roof back to its original glory and give you the safety and protection you need.

Get in touch with Roof Seal® for a no obligation appraisal and find out what they can do to make sure you are safe and looking great in your home.

Roof repair is a cinch with Roof Seal®, who are leaders in the home improvement industry, with over 30 years’ experience.

Your tiled roof will look as good as new after a thorough clean with a high pressure water application to remove dirt and fungus (both of which contribute to the breakdown of tiles), adding value to your home.

To get the best results, Roof Seal® uses a coating called Ellemex, which is exclusive to the company, and it provides the highest quality protection for your tiled or iron roof.

Ellemex’s strength is in its unique formula, which has been widely researched and developed to give the best in roof restoration.

After Roof Seal® work their magic on the repair, you can have your home looking the best in your street with a fresh coat of paint by the experts.

They even do guttering, downpipes, roller shutters and blinds, so they can take care of your whole home.