Your roof is exposed to the harsh Australian weather conditions. For this reason, overtime, even the best roof will need restoring. Many people aren’t aware of this and often make the mistake of neglecting their roof until it’s too late. The damage is done.

Your roof takes as much as 50% of your home’s exterior. Therefore, it should be a top priority in your home maintenance schedule. But how do you know when you should restore your roof?

The roof should be a top priority for all home owners to prevent unwanted damage, but when should you have your roof professionally checked?

Can you tell the colour of your roof? Your roof might be faded and a faded roof isn’t visually appealing. It actually decreases the value of your home. If you’re looking to sell your property in the future, buyers might be turned off if your home isn’t presented well.

Is there moss and lichen visible on your tiled roof? You may be tempted to ignore the growth, however, you’re risking a lot more than aesthetics. Anything on your roof that shouldn’t be on your roof blocks water from running off into the gutters like it should. This causes water to build up, and the more it collects, the more your roof wears. Eventually, the water will find its way inside your home.

Most people don’t realise how moss actually damages roofs. It’s all in the way it grows. Moss grows like roots. They find their way under your tiles. What does this mean? Your tiles will warp, shift or crack. You might notice cracks when you’re looking at your roof, but often you won’t be able to see unless you get a roof inspection by experienced professionals.

We provide free roof inspections and quotes so our experts can thoroughly evaluate your roof and make recommendations based on their report that is specific to your roof’s needs.

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