Roof Seal® is a well-known South Australian, family owned and operated business and has successfully been in operation since 1984. Originally, began in Melbourne and then branched into South Australia where the roof restoration market boomed. With Sales, marketing, construction, quality control and administration expertise, the team collaboratively made its success over the years in South Australia. The success didn't stop there, Roof Seal's® Franchise network expanded and grew into NSW and North Queensland, and now have five service areas across Australia.

Contributing to the success, was the innovative manufacturing side of the business. This was and still remains to be, its main point of difference. Roof Seal® manufacture and apply their own exclusive roof coating, Ellemex® onsite at head office in South Australia. Ellemex® is a premium roof coating, formulated after extensive research and testing. The coating is designed to seal and protect Australian roofs and achieve long lasting results. Ellemex® is a water-based acrylic and made up of solid oxides, which is a key difference to normal roofing paints currently on the market today. Roof Seal® continue to explore the benefits of a high percentage of PVC within the coating to allow for flexibility and UV stabilizes to cope with some of Australia's extreme weather conditions.

Our premium coating, combined with our trained and accredited Bonded Tradesman, ensures quality product and workmanship is received by Roof Seal® customers.

With over 35 years of membership with the Housing Industry Association and also members of the Master Builders Association, Roof Seal's® success lies in our team's dedication and commitment to the home improvement industry.

From the very beginning, Roof Seal® have worked hard to build our reputation in the industry. The team have maintained a strong focus to help Australian's improve their home with quality products and roofing solutions. With over 40 years of collective industry experience, every home improvement project is completed using the team's expertise to provide exceptional service. No matter what type of project, Roof Seal® take care of the entire process from start to finish so the customer experience is stress-free.

Upon an enquiry to Roof Seal®, a scheduled appointment is made for an inspector to provide a full roof inspection and verbal report on the condition of the client's roof. If necessary, a home owner will be provided with a quotation that they may act upon to have their roof completed and sound for many years to come by way of roof restoration or re-roofing their home.

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