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With window roll shutters your choices are many and varied. When quality is a concern call us at Home Seal. Home Seal roller shutters provide a range of benefits, including security, privacy, noise reduction, insect protection and more. Along with a great range of colours, there are many different options that are available for you like front-mounted roller shutters or aluminium roller shutter. Below are some of the main benefits previous customers have listed as the reason they decided on upgrading their homes with the Home Seal roller shutter range.



Whether you prefer a standard remote, or prefer using your phone, or even connecting Google Home or Alexa for voice control. You can do it all with the Auto Hub! The Auto Hub lets you control your roller shutters with ease wherever you are, from home or away.

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Home Seal shutter installation prevents those unwanted intruders and helps protect your valuable items. They add value to your home and reduce exterior noise levels and light reduction

Having home Seal roller shutters installed will make your home look great! They’re long lasting, low maintenance and are great value for money. Roller shutters are a fantastic form of insulation, saving on heating and cooling costs all year round. They are designed to keep the bad weather out, yet in warmer months let filtered light and cool air through which, given the scorching summer areas in Adelaide, Melbourne and other eastern cities have experienced in recent times, helps provide a more comfortable home environment. Depending on the type of roller shutters you acquire, you can lower your power consumption by as much as 50% over the course of a year. With energy prices increasing, any household savings from decreased energy consumption are welcome. And it makes your outdoor livings areas look fantastic.

Home Seal has been a member of the Master Builders Association (MBA) and the Housing Industry Association (HIA) for many years. Contact us with any questions you may have and one of our friendly and experienced consultants will be only too happy to show you our range.

Save, insulate & reduce noise

This type of insulation helps you save on energy costs all year round and especially during the cold winter days and hot summer nights. Furthermore, for those living on a main road, near airports and generally loud areas with high noise pollutions, aluminium style shutters can help reduce noise by 50%. This type of noise reduction can help eliminate a lot of the stresses that high noise pollution can cause, such as allowing for better and deeper sleep free from external interruptions.

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Weather resistant

Home Seal have a range of motorized and manual roller shutters that are cyclone rated, complying with Darwin cyclone requirements, Protecting your home in those trying conditions. Our shutters do not rattle. With wild weather, keeping your windows safe from flying debris that could cause shattered glass and injury is paramount.

Operating choices

Roof Seal prides itself on providing choice and assurance to its customers. Not only do Home Seal roller shutters come with a six year guarantee on all electric motors, but there are many operating mechanism choices available, both internal and external, manual and automatic. All of these options cater to different types of budgets, providing the choice and range many people appreciate. Our expert staff pride themselves on not only being industry experts but offer great customer service to help you pick out the shutters that suit your requirements and budget.

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