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Zipscreen Blind System is the perfect outdoor solution for alfresco entertaining areas, such as pergolas, verandas and balconies. Outdoor blinds are a modern and durable alternative to traditional awnings and shutters.

  •   All year round weather protection
  •   Easy, stress free entertaining
  •   Insect protection
  •   Easy to use, easy to clean
  •   Manual, auto and smart operations


zipscreen blindzipscreen blind
outdoor blinds

Sun & wind protection

outdoor protection

Insect protection

weather protection

All seasons living

outdoor styling

Design innovation

smart blinds

Easy to control

Our Zipscreen Blinds are made to measure to fit your space.

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zipscreen auto hub

Control your outdoor zipscreen blinds through one automation hub wherever you are, from home or away!

zipscreen blinds

Set the scene and make outdoor entertaining easy in every season!

google home

Utilise your home automation systems to control your outdoor blinds with your own voice!

Zipscreen blinds are strong and durable. Because they are made using quality material, they offer excellent protection from the sun, UV rays, rain and wind. In addition, it’s secure, custom-made fit can be drawn all the way to the floor, and as a result, your outdoor space has insect free protection. Suited for a wide range of conditions, they’re is the perfect solution for any outdoor space. With functional wide retention capable of producing up to seven metres of shade (width) and five metre drops. The Zipscreen blind system utilises stainless steel hardware and aluminium tubing. Our Zipscreen Blinds will ensure you receive your desired level of privacy for your entertainment area which can still “breathe”.   All Zipscreens have no straps, no ropes, no pullies and no stitching.

It’s simple yet stylish design improves the presentation of any home, office or commercial space. Our Zipscreen Blinds define outdoor areas and extend your entertaining space from your kitchen, lounge or dining area. They also provide a sleek external finish to any window. The zip is professionally welded into the fabric of the blind which makes it far less visible than alternative outdoor blinds.

alfresco blinds
outdoor blinds


Zipscreens help make outdoor areas much more enjoyable because they help regulate temperature. In turn, outdoor blinds are fantastic during periods of extreme weather, such as the middle of winter and the middle of summer. This means you can entertain outdoors and even host outdoor office meetings with ease, all year round. Zipscreen Blinds can also help cafes by accommodating more customers in outdoor settings and assisting with overall turnover.

Functional, compact and easy to install the Zipscreen Blinds System is made with only the best quality external grade extrusions. It has superior hold, and to give all customers further peace of mind, it is backed with a 5 year warranty by Acmeda. An internationally recognised Australian company with over 20 years expertise.