Looking to improve the amenity of your home or business? Home Seal roller shutters by Roof Seal® might be just what you need, increasing the value of your asset while providing a number of important practical benefits, such as increased security and privacy. 

Offering services that go well beyond the roof of your place, Roof Seal® is your comprehensive property improvement destination. Whether your plans involve just the installation of roller shutters or you’re thinking about packaging this up with other property maintenance or development needs, Roof Seal® can take care of the work.  

So why should you be thinking about installing Home Seal shutters on your building? Here are five substantial benefits to consider: 

Security and privacy 

Constructed for strength and durability, shutters give you the peace of mind that comes with extra security. You will also have better control over your own privacy, which is particularly useful if you are located near the street or on a main road. 

Noise control 

The barrier provided by Home Seal shutters will help to block unwanted outside noise, improving the sanctuary of your building.  It also works the other way – so if you occasionally crank your favourite music or dust off the karaoke machine, there is much less chance this will disturb the neighbourhood. 

Climate and light control 

Roller shutters give you control over the light that enters your property, while also acting as an insulator by moderating the indoor climate. Given the extremes of the Australian environment, this is a real bonus that can save you money. With less use of the heating and cooling systems, over the course of year there is potential to reduce your power consumption by up to 50%! 


Available in a range of styles and colours, roller shutters can be perfectly matched to the look of your property, clearly improving the aesthetics. The expert consultants at Home Seal will work with you to ensure the shutters satisfy the needs of your building and suit your budget. 

Improving property value 

All of the above means that, in addition to the practical, everyday benefits offered by Home Seal shutters, the value of your property will measurably grow with the increased amenity of the place. 


Installing shutters really makes sense. Contact Roof Seal® today for a no-obligation quote today and discover these benefits for yourself.